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Birthing Boldly

Birth, Lactation and Women's Health

Every birth is a unique journey. No matter whether you opt for a home, hospital or birth center delivery, or considering breastfeeding or formula feeding, our Doulas, Lactation Consultants and other staff will be there to inform and guide you throughout your journey. Birthing Boldly is based out of Reidsville, NC and will be serving the following counties: Rockingham, Guilford, Alamance, Caswell, Iredell, Cabarrus, Catawba, Mecklenburg, Patrick, Forsyth, Pittsylvania, Henry, and the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area for in person services. Currently, we have limited availability in Lynchburg, VA for lactation consultations. Virtual services can be provided for anyone outside of these areas. Contact us today to book a consultation and find out more about our services and packages offered.

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Providing Exceptional Care

Empowering Families Birthing and Postpartum Experience

We recognize that the pregnancy, birth and postpartum period can be overwhelming, and we are committed to making the experience as positive and empowering as possible. By providing support and guidance during pregnancy, birth and the first stages of parenthood, we help mothers and families in welcoming their new babies into the world.

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Services We Offer

Birth Doula

By providing Birth Doulas, we give you the undivided, unbiased and professional support needed to ensure your journey is as safe and positive as possible. Your Doula will be available to contact anytime, and is committed to whatever you feel would benefit you, your baby, and your family most. Included in our birth services are two prenatal check ins, full support/advocacy during labor, help with feeding baby and one home postpartum visit. As our birth doula client you will have full access to our educational classes and our lending library.

Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doulas are crucial to every mom when they first come home from the hospital. We understand that life and family obligations doesn't discontinue after you leave the hospital so we would like to make this transition as easy as possible. Our postpartum doula has experience caring and educating mom's after delivery and helping them learn to adjust to a new normal while caring for themselves and their new baby. We are able to care for you and baby as well as helping with feedings, cooking, running errands and doing light housekeeping. We can also accompany you to doctor's visit and other outings. Our postpartum doula services are available in 4 hour increments and we also offer a variety of packages including our other services.

Virtual Doula

We offer the option of a Virtual Doula for families who have a distance barrier or may have a preference to having virtual services and wanting to keep this special time sacred for them only. Our Virtual Doula will provide all the care that our Birth and Postpartum Doula has to offer but contacts will be made via telephone, video chat or other avenues that parents are familiar with. This service will include prenatal check ins, help with creating a birth plan, education and support throughout pregnancy and postpartum along with full support and advocacy during labor. Our Virtual Doula will follow you for up to six weeks postpartum and this includes a special postpartum package delivered to your home. If driving distance allows, we will do a home visit after delivery.

Holistic Fertility Doula

Studies show that about 1 in 8 women have trouble conceiving and that is truly heartbreaking. Our Holistic Fertility Doula is certified in assisting families with non interventive ways in preparing their body for pregnancy. We will work along side your health care team as needed and make suggestions to help you get to your goal. This will include working with both mom and dad to create an optimum condition for conception.

Belly Binding

Belly Binding is an ancient traditional natural way of healing after birth. Studies have shown Belly Binding has many benefits during pregnancy and postpartum that aid in the healing process. These benefits also extend to women during menstruation. Benefits include sliming the ribcage, abdomen and hips preventing back pain, pulling in the separated abdominal muscles (diastasis recti) back together, reducing fluid and air retention in bowels/abdomen and decreasing postpartum bleeding time by speeding up the process of getting rid of waste blood in a natural way while nurturing the mother in a time of vulnerability and healing. This service can be done in the comfort of your home and comes with your own personal binding fabric.

Maternity, Birth, Newborn and Family Photography 

We have amazing photographers who would love to capture the most important memories you will ever have. We have packages that include pregnancy, birth, newborn and family sessions. Photo sessions can be done in birthing facilities as well as in home or at location of your choice.


Nutrition is an important factor whether you are trying to conceive, already pregnant or just want to remain healthy. Our Nutrition Consultant specializes in pregnancy and postpartum nutrition and weight loss. She would love to help you meet your personal and health goals. Our staff can also help with meal plans while navigating around any health issues you may have during your consultations.

Translation Services

We want everyone to receive the same care and we understand that sometimes a language barrier can get in the way of a mother receiving optimum care. We have a few staff members who are fully Spanish speaking with a health care background and can interpret during your visits with Birthing Boldly or other health care appointments. Please feel free to ask us more about this service if it's needed outside of Birthing Boldly appointments.


With the influx of hormones during pregnancy and the sudden decrease after delivery it can have any woman feeling overwhelmed and experience a change in their mood. On top of normal life stresses this can be too much for some women. So we aim to make the transition as seamless as possible by offering therapy visits to families. We have board certified therapists who are open to working with women and families for therapy sessions. They have experience working with women through depression during pregnancy as well as postpartum depression, mood/anxiety disorders and more severe cases they may arise outside of childbearing.

Lactation Consultations

We have a IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) available to help breastfeeding mothers. Lactation consultations can be done in the hospital, in your home or telehealth. Lactation visits include weight checks for your infant if desired or needed and an additional week of support during care plan implementation. We work through all issues involving breastfeeding such as tongue tie, high palate, latching, insufficient growth, relactation and breast/nipple pain. We have experience and qualified to help with minor and complicated issues including breastfeeding multiples.


Breastfeeding & Infant Feeding Classes
Childbirth and Labor Preparation Classes
Birth Planning Classes
Mommy & Me: Care after Delivery for Mom & Baby
Staff Lactation Training
Doula Classes/Mentorship
Lactation Consultant Mentorship

Birth Tub Rental

We have birth pools available for rental for home and hospital births. Birth pool rental includes pool, liner, hose and other needed accessories to have your dream water birth. Birth pool and supplies will be delivered at 37 weeks and picked up after your birth. With this service you will receive education on how to properly setup and take down the pool. There is an option to have a tub manager if requested.

Electric Pump Rental/Lactation Supplies

To help aid in your breastfeeding success we have hospital grade electric Medela pumps and other vital breastfeeding accessories. We have kits to the pumps as well as nipple shields/shells, breast pads and other items that you may need during your breastfeeding journey. Reach out to us to determine what supplies you may need and to be fitted properly!

Accepted Payment Methods

*We accept cash, credit/debit cards and FSA/HSA cards. We are a out of network provider for lactation services and can provide clients with documentation to be reimbursed from their insurance company. Therapy services can be billed to certain types of insurance companies. We also provide sliding scale payment options for families who receive Medicaid/WIC/SNAP/TANF in addition to payment plans.

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"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Maya Angelou

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The Mission of Birthing Boldly

Our mission is to provide compassionate, reliable and professional care to families welcoming a new life into the world. We believe every family deserves the highest quality of guidance and we will continue doing that as well as working to lower the maternal infant mortality rate of minorities. Birthing Boldly strives to have every woman feel heard and be empowered through their birthing experience while making informed decisions on their care. We provide a holistic approach of care by including partners to create a better experience.

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Our Team

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Tiffany Slade

Founder and Owner of Birthing Boldly

Tiffany is the founder and owner of Birthing Boldly, LLC. She has always had a passion for working with mothers and babies prenatally and during their postpartum period. Tiffany is a Graduate Midwife, IBCLC (Lactation Consultant), Nurse Tech, Childbirth/Lactation Educator, Full Spectrum Holistic Fertility, Birth and Postpartum Doula. She is also a certified Virtual Doula and certified in CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation. Tiffany has worked for Women's Hospital of Greensboro and gained experience working in Mother/Baby and Central Nursery in addition to floating within Labor and Delivery and the Pediatric and Women's unit. Her Lactation experience includes working with women in her local community through Public Health and in her private practice. This passion has helped her develop Birthing Boldly, LLC.
"I want women to have the healthiest and safest pregnancy, birth and life as possible while feeling empowered by other women and heard by their health care team. Looking around in our community you don't see many facilities serving women holistically through their life span and that is something I want to bring to the community with Birthing Boldly. I want you to feel comfortable, loved and cared for while receiving the best care from an awesome team".
Tiffany has four beautiful children, in which she had four vastly different labor experiences with each of them. From water birth to a NICU baby, she has experienced a lot and learned a lot in her many years working with families. She would not only love to work with your family but develop an awesome relationship along the way. 


Sonja Taylor-Parr

Nutrition Consultant

Sonja Taylor-Parr, is a Nutrition Consultant. She has her CCL-CLC certification and specializes in pregnancy and postpartum nutrition and weight loss. She is the founder and owner of Cookies & Kale LLC, which specializes in healthy lifestyle changes and overall fitness. She has always had a curiosity for health and wellness, and it became a passion for her when she was pregnant with her daughter and gained 80 pounds. “I developed multiple health issues during my pregnancy with my daughter. I was just not aware of the importance of healthy eating and physical exercise. I was only concerned with eating for two. Well after I gave birth to my daughter, and having gained 80 pounds, I wondered could I have done something more during my pregnancy.”
Previously, Sonja was a Fitness Center Associate and direct Beachbody Sales Associate. Sonja received her BA in Biology from UNC Charlotte and minored in Spanish Language. She is currently a Spanish Translator and a Assistant Manager of Quality for a plasma therapeutics processing company.

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Shalisa Bynum


Shalisa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who values being a support to her clients. Shalisa has a Bachelor of Science degree from Wingate University in Psychology and a Master of Social Work degree from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She strives to challenge clients to think and improve their overall lifestyle.
Shalisa has a passion for helping those with trauma history from childhood trauma to grief/loss issues. She is currently trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy). The foundation of Shalisa’s therapy style is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She also implements Solution-Focused Therapy and Family Systems Theory,  along with mindfulness and some holistic approaches into treatment. Shalisa describes herself as a non-judgmental therapist who is open to all cultures and backgrounds and she is genuinely dedicated to helping individuals and couples get to where they desire to be in life.
Shalisa has spent numerous years treating people diagnosed with mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, psychosis, and bipolar. She has spent time working with different populations such as children, adolescents, adults, and couples. She has also dedicated time working with veterans and their spouses to address relationship concerns and transitions back to civilian life.


Dominique Hickman


Dominique Hickman was born and bred in North Carolinian and
attended the illustrious NC A&T and UNCG for Graduate school to obtain my Master of Social Work degree. This program has prepared me to work with multicultural populations. I have worked in the healthcare field for the past fourteen years. The last three years have specifically been focused on Mental Health. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I am committed to bringing understanding to the importance of proper care of mental health. I understand that life can be messy and sometimes you just need
a space to unravel the mess. My goal is to create a safe space by providing unconditional positive regard for
all of the situations that you are willing to discuss. My ideal client is someone that desires to find their best self and wants to achieve their idea of happiness and peace. Someone that believes that it is possible to achieve life goals and near-perfect situations with help from the right person. I would love to work with someone open to
possibly building rapport and trust with me to assist them in creating a positive space for growth, change, and happiness. I typically use an eclectic approach, by pulling from treatment modalities such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, person-centered counseling, strength-based treatments in order to individualize each session. I have experience working with many
populations. Providing services for Anger Management, Mood and Anxiety issues including Perinatal Mood Disorders, and Relationships concerns.
My goal is to guide, support, encourage, and assist clients through challenging and uncertain times. I would love to be a part of your journey to improving life circumstances.

merida pic.png

Merida Valera


Merida Valera is a bilingual therapist who works with children, adolescent, and adults. She specializes in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT),  depression, anxiety, intimate partner violence, addiction, codependency, sexual abuse, adjustment disorders, attention-deficit hyperactivity, anger issues, disorder grief and loss, divorce/co-parenting, and family issues. She also has extensive experience with clients experiencing, trauma, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder. She has over 14 years working in the mental health field and/or humanistic field in the community.  

Merida has experience working with people with disability as well as family members affected by mental disorders, trauma, and substance use. She conducts comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment, psychological evaluation, treatment, and medication management referrers. She helps individuals of multicultural backgrounds and who are dealing with emotional, mental, behavioral, or relationship issues.

She worked at Stepping Stones Unit at Meadville Medical Center and Gaudenzia Rehabilitation Center in the state of Pennsylvania with individuals and families dealing with substance use disorder, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder. She also worked in the House of Healing with women and children doing individual therapy and group work.  She has worked in many different cities and states that includes Boston, MA, Pennsylvania, Maine, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Buffalo, NY. As well as other international countries including Saint Martin, Santo Domingo, Belize just to name a few. 


Tyrone Combs


Tyrone Combs is a Photographer and Videographer. He has over 12 years of experience working with families captivating memories. He has done maternity, newborn and family photo shoots as well as labor and delivery photographs. He was born and raised in North Carolina and has always had a creative eye even at a young age. Feel free to visit Instagram @tc.pix to see all of his creative masterpieces. Get in touch with us now if you would like to capture your most prized memories with Tyrone today!

Reach out today to learn more about our collective and schedule a complimentary session.

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What They Say About Us

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Tiffany is honestly amazing! I faced every obstacle you could think of with trying to breastfeed but with her help we were able to make it to a year. When I say every obstacle I mean it. My baby was tongue tied and had a hard time latching which meant I wasn't supplying enough because she wasn't pulling enough. Once I found Tiffany she helped me with everything from where I could take her, different ways to hold her, and just all around education that I needed but didn't know how to ask. I found her through the Health Department and was thankful that someone so caring was there. She gave me the confidence I needed to push through and when I felt like it was too much she gave me the words of affirmation that if we last 3 months, 6 months, or a year what mattered is the time and milk that's she's gotten so far. Meaning you are doing good and you did good if this is where you stop. As a new mother feeling judged everywhere else I knew in her office I could be honest and ask all the questions I needed and she would be there holding my hand if I needed it. I made it a year when I didn't think I could last a day. Tiffany Slade is amazing and if I have more children I hope to have her again.

Michelle Redman

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  • Mommy & Me Class
    Mommy & Me Class
    Fri, Feb 16
    Online via Zoom
    Feb 16, 2024, 11:00 AM
    Online via Zoom
    Feb 16, 2024, 11:00 AM
    Online via Zoom
    Prepare for a Smooth Fourth Trimester!
  • Birth Planning Class
    Birth Planning Class
    Fri, Feb 09
    Online via Zoom
    Feb 09, 2024, 11:00 AM
    Online via Zoom
    Feb 09, 2024, 11:00 AM
    Online via Zoom
    Let's Plan Your Dream Birth!
  • Breastfeeding Class
    Breastfeeding Class
    Fri, Feb 02
    Online via Zoom
    Feb 02, 2024, 11:00 AM EST
    Online via Zoom
    Feb 02, 2024, 11:00 AM EST
    Online via Zoom
    Learn everything there is to know about breastfeeding!

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