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Birthing Boldly understands that finances can get in the way of wanting a Doula. We believe every woman should have access to the benefits of a Doula and the proper support during childbirth to create a positive outcome. We will start taking applications for scholarships in the Fall of 2024. This scholarship will be solely for a Birth Doula at your delivery in addition to one prenatal and postpartum visit. Please send your name, address and phone number along with a paragraph telling us about you and your pregnancy (due date included). Please include why you would like a Doula and what type of hardship is preventing you from getting one.

*This scholarship is open to all pregnant individuals.

We have a teen program called Blossom, this program is only for teen parents and allows them FREE doula services and prenatal/postpartum education. If interested, feel out the contact form on our home page for more info!

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